GPS ClockNet clock system with GPS controller and wireless clocks

Each and every clock shows the correct time!


The GPS Clocknet system is based on the localizator GPS satellites. The GPS controller is the center: with the GPS antennas "sees" the satellites and works up the nanosec precise signals.

The main controller clock display the time in date, hour, minute, second, tenth and hundredths of second formats. Time information is provided on Ethernet 10/100 MHz and RS485 channels. The exact time can be precessed through wired system or wireless RF network to the clocks. RF network can be built by RSC-R4-RFM (868MHz)
The device's radius reaches up to 100-200m depending on the environment and supplies unlimited clocks.


  • Centralized clock system
  • Every clock shows the same time
  • The displayed time is always precies
  • The main clock can be used as NTP server
  • Wired(Ethernet, RS485) or wireless dataconnection between clocks
  • Digital and analog clocks are available from indoor exclusive to outdoor waterproof industrial designs (Procontrol industrial clocks and displays)
  • Sound alarm, temperature display, break signal, relay output
  • Unlimited clocks to connect the system

Technische Beschreibung

Controling office buildings, production halls, logistic centers, warehouses


  • Sound alarm
  • Temperature display
  • Break signal
  • Relay outputs


  • Centralized clock and brake signal, shift signal system in factory halls
  • Loading time signal system is cargo spaces, warehouses
  • Cycle time measurement in production halls
  • Work Safety Display: Display of accident-free days
  • Lap time display on competitions
  • Industrial stopwatch
  • Countdown Display
  • Centralized GPS controlled clock network for exact time display
  • Providing NTP server time data for Ethernet network, PCs
  • Medical and waiting rooms
  • Simple clock function
  • Countdown time display eg. by impulse from paying machine in automated car wash


Produktcode: 100700


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